Tips on how to buy shoes from an Esquire Magazine interview with Jim McFarland.

Wear the right socks. If you wear a thick pair of crew socks when trying on a smart shoe, you’ll only buy a pair that’s too big.

Get sized by a professional using the Brannock Device. Your shoe size can change so it’s best to be accurate.

Buy in the afternoon. Your feet swell to their largest as the day progresses, and it’s better to buy a pair of shoes that are a little too big than a little too small.

Check the inside. If the inside of the shoe has no lining and the grain of the leather is exposed, the shoes won’t last as long.
Walk around the store when trying them on.

Don’t wear them outside. Take a night or two to wear your new shoes around the house. As long as the soles haven’t been worn away by walking outdoors, many shoe stores will allow you to return them in the event that you change your mind.

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how to buy shoes
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